As a salon, your chief priority is the quality of service offered to your clients. After all, you are competing against other service providers in the region. You would wish for all your clients to walk out with their ideal hairdo, done to perfection and with a smile on their faces, and that all starts with a good hair salon cleaning checklist.

But an establishment of your size should also prioritize the sanitation of the space, considering the number of clients who pass through on a daily basis. You’re no doubt aware of several concerns involving head lice, fungal infections, and the spread of other communicable diseases. A sanitary beauty salon is a successful beauty salon.

To not only offer quality service but also guarantee the health of your staff and clients as beauty salon professionals, your establishment must adhere to some strict cleaning rules and measures, all outlined by a good hair salon cleaning checklist.

With over two decades of commercial cleaning experience in the Colorado Springs area including beauty salons, Crown Inc. Commercial Cleaning offers sound and professional advice on the matter of a hair salon cleaning checklist. We also offer professional salon cleaning services for the area.

The Ideal Workstation

A salon is made up of several workstations, each under the supervision of a different employee, so a salon cleaning checklist is a bit different than other kinds of cleaning checklists. The overall sanitary condition can be maintained by each employee keeping his or her workstation clean and orderly at all times, so it's good to have individual hair salon cleaning checklists as well as a general hair salon cleaning checklist.

It’s recommended that all hair, litter, trash, and other forms of debris be swept up after each client. In addition, each employee should clean all salon surfaces as soon as possible especially if product spills, and follow the hair salon cleaning checklist perfectly.

Another basic workstation practice that comes highly recommended is organization. A hair salon makes use of several tools including scissors, combs, cuticle trimmers, paddle brush, and all-purpose shears to name a few, so a salon cleaning checklist is necessary to keep track.

cleaning a salon

Without proper organization like what you get with our professional cleaning service, it would be difficult to know which tools have been used and tools need to be cleaned and which tools are safe to use on the next appointment. This is where a hair salon cleaning checklist can come in handy.

These might seem like basic practices but once implemented, you can appreciate the effect on the overall look of the salon. By implementing these cleaning and organizational steps, you are reducing the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of diseases to your clients. Hair salon cleanliness begins with a good salon cleaning checklist.

Cleaning Checklist for Your Salon

In this section, our team from Crown Inc. Commercial Cleaning has provided information on what salons should implement as part of their cleaning measures from their hair salon chairs to equipment.

Restocking Supplies

Don’t give your employees any reason to have a dirty workstation. Ensure that you have provided them with enough towels, foils, and cleaning supplies to maintain a clean workstation at all times.

Proper restocking also reduces the wait time for every client. Remember that you are in the hair salon service industry, therefore keeping a client waiting is a sign of inefficiency, so everything should be stocked up from chair to bathroom supplies.

Sanitize All Surfaces and Tools

A salon uses the same foot baths, hair cutters, and shears to serve multiple clients in a day. This also goes for the salon chairs. Therefore, without the proper sanitary measures in place, it’s easy for diseases and infections to spread from one client to another in a hair salon.

keeping salon clients safe

The team at Crown Inc. Commercial Cleaning recommends using designated containers in the salon. After every appointment, used appliances and towels can be moved to the appropriate container and cleaned later on in the day. This reduces the possibility of other employees using the same devices for their next appointment at the hair salon.

All surfaces such as tables, counters, and door handles should be wiped down with disinfectant products. As for your devices and appliances, they should be soaked in quality disinfectants or bactericide for the recommended time.

Your hair salon towels and capes will need to be soaked and later on diligently washed with soap and water. Depending on the need, some towels may need to be soaked for a longer time than others to guarantee the health of your clients. A safe beauty salon is one with a cleaning schedule.

Deep Cleaning the Salon

As a general rule of thumb, salons should, at a minimum, be deep cleaned twice a week. When determining the frequency, consider the possibility of infection, the rate of footfall, and the welfare of the hair salon clients.

Deep cleaning is a thorough cleaning of the entire space or facility including the mopping of floors, wiping down of surfaces, and disinfecting tools. Often salons consider using a third-party vendor since employees may not have the skill or expertise.

deep clean tools and products

Professional Cleaners

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