A clean and well-maintained recreation center is vital for providing a pleasant and healthy environment for both guests and staff. With high foot traffic and various areas to consider, cleaning a recreation center requires a comprehensive approach to ensure all spaces are thoroughly sanitized.

Crown Inc. Commercial Cleaning is a trusted name in the industry, offering top-quality cleaning services tailored to the specific needs of recreation arenas in Colorado. In this article, we will explore the importance of proper rec center cleaning and highlight the benefits of partnering with Crown Inc. Commercial Cleaning.

How to Clean a Recreation Center

To maintain a pristine appearance, it is essential to focus on cleaning and sanitizing the following areas within a recreation center:

Pool Areas

Regular cleaning and sanitization are crucial for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of pool areas.

Ball Courts

Sweeping, mopping, and disinfecting ball courts are necessary to remove dirt, debris, and germs from these high-traffic areas.

Training and Weight Lifting Areas

These spaces should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the equipment is germ-free and safe for use.

Restrooms and Locker Rooms

Proper sanitization of restrooms and locker rooms is essential for preventing the spread of bacteria and maintaining a fresh environment.

male and female washroom sign

Not only is a clean restroom and locker room important for client happiness, but it's a breeding ground of different germs that can cause serious harm if left unattended. Make sure to clean accordingly.

Office and Multipurpose Rooms

These areas should be cleaned to promote productivity and create a professional atmosphere for staff members.

Kitchen and Staff Areas

Regular cleaning of the kitchen and staff areas is crucial to maintain a hygienic environment and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Front Lobbies and Desk Spaces

These areas serve as the first impression for visitors, and regular cleaning ensures a clean and inviting atmosphere.

Rec Center Areas That Are Easy to Overlook

While performing a comprehensive cleaning routine, certain areas in a recreation center are often overlooked. However, these spaces require attention for a truly clean and appealing environment. Some commonly overlooked areas include:

Glass Surfaces

Doors and windows should be regularly cleaned to maintain a sparkling appearance, as they are frequently touched by visitors.


Clean mirrors reflect a caring and clean environment, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the rec center.

Benches, Chairs, Workout Equipment, Tables, and Countertops

Regular wiping and sanitization of these frequently touched surfaces are necessary to keep germs at bay.

person running on a treadmill in front of windows

Surfaces and equipment such as these exchange hands frequently. Consider placing sanitzation equipment and disposable towels nearby to allow everyone to do their part in keeping a clean environment.

High Edges, Shelving, and Cabinet Areas

Although less trafficked, these areas should be dusted and organized to ensure a presentable and well-rounded cleaning routine.


Daily attention is required for rec center floors, particularly in high-traffic areas like entryways and restrooms, where vacuuming and mopping should be performed regularly. Any carpets should also be deep cleaned regularly.

Benefits of Working with Crown Inc. Commercial Cleaning

Partnering with Crown Inc. Commercial Cleaning for your recreation center cleaning needs offers numerous advantages:

Customizable Cleaning Plans

Crown Inc. understands that every recreation center has unique cleaning requirements. Their flexible plans allow for customization to ensure that the specific needs of your facility are met.

Expertise in Various Industries

With over two decades of experience, Crown Inc. has provided cleaning services to a wide range of businesses, including offices, hotels, retail stores, medical facilities, and industrial sites. Their expertise extends to recreation centers, guaranteeing professional and efficient cleaning.

Quality Cleaning Products

Crown Inc. uses top-of-the-line cleaning products and disinfectants to ensure optimal cleanliness and hygiene. Their commitment to quality ensures that your recreation center is cleaned to the highest standards.

person cleaning wooden floors

Quality cleaning products don't just clean efficiently, but they're cost-saving and do no long-term damage to the environment. If you use stronger products, make sure your staff has learned how to properly handle them.

Outstanding Customer Service

Crown Inc. takes pride in its exceptional customer service. They prioritize communication, promptly address any concerns or issues, and offer transparent pricing with detailed and itemized invoices. Their reliable and trustworthy team ensures a positive cleaning experience.

Trained and Insured Cleaning Staff

All Crown Inc. cleaners are insured, providing protection for your facility against liability, destruction, and dishonesty. Their employees are thoroughly trained in security protocols and are attentive to potential maintenance issues they may encounter during their work.

Bottom Line

A clean and well-maintained recreation center is vital for creating a pleasant and healthy environment for visitors and staff. Crown Inc. Commercial Cleaning offers customizable cleaning plans, exceptional customer service, and a highly trained staff to meet the specific cleaning needs of recreation arenas in Colorado.

By partnering with Crown Inc., you can ensure that your facility remains sanitary, presentable, and inviting, leaving a lasting impression on your guests. Contact Crown Inc. Commercial Cleaning today to learn more about their professional cleaning services and schedule your janitorial cleaning appointment.