The spread of germs in professional settings became an issue, especially during the pandemic. This global event made more businesses want to take actionable steps to reduce the spread of germs in their offices and keep their employees safe.

Currently, more and more employees are transitioning back into their workplace. Increased contact with customers is expected in brick and mortar businesses. Because of this, a lot of employers have gone to extra lengths to create safer and healthier environments for their employees!

Germs can spread quickly and this can be dangerous in professional spaces where contact with people and communal surfaces is expected.

This article will provide you with key information that will help you understand how germs propagate in the workplace and help you prevent their spread so you can protect your workers!

How Germs Spread in the Workplace

Viruses, germs and bacteria can gather on common workplace surfaces or be transmitted through airborne transmission. Some common spots where germs usually collect and spread include:

Elevator Buttons

Pressing elevator buttons with your hands causes germs to spread, and may make you sick. You can press the buttons with your elbow or wash or sanitize your hands after exiting the elevator.

Door Handles

Almost everyone in an office uses door handles which can lead to the spread of germs. We recommend washing your hands routinely with soap and water to prevent the spread of germs.
prevent germ spread in offices
If you have designated cleaning staff, be sure to remind them to sanitize door handles frequently.


Most people are surprised to learn that desktops often collect germs at much higher rates than other areas in the office. Washing your hands and regularly sanitizing your desktop will help prevent germ transmission.

A lot of germs can collect on keyboards, especially if you eat or drink at your desk. Be sure to wash your hands and wipe down your keyboard regularly, especially before and after someone else uses or touches your keyboard.


Telephones often carry a high concentration of germs and bacteria. Ensuring communal phones are kept clean is critical to preventing the spread of germs.

Office Equipment

Since you can’t see germs, it’s hard to track where they’re collecting. A lot of germs often live on the printer and copier buttons as well as fax machines and other communal office equipment. We recommend sanitizing communal office equipment before and after using it.


It’s better to bring your own water bottle to work since water coolers can collect germs during transport, delivery and regular use.


Bacteria often grow inside coffee machines without anyone noticing. Since this equipment is often shared, germs can spread easily.
prevent germs in office
It’s best to thoroughly clean your coffee maker, especially on its handle where people most frequently touch it.

Keeping the Workplace Clean

It’s important for companies to prioritize the health of their employees by providing a clean workplace, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Employers can limit the growth of germs by regularly and thoroughly cleaning the following areas.

Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs are favorite spots for germs and bacteria to grow, so they need to be cleaned regularly. While rugs and carpets create a cozy and welcoming office environment they can carry a high volume of germs if not cleaned regularly.

Daily vacuuming and professional cleaning once every six months will keep your carpet clean and germ-free while preventing it from appearing worn out due to wear and tear.

High-Touch Areas

Anything employees use often, such as keyboards, desks, phones, and door handles can spread germs quickly. You can reduce the spread of germs by using top-quality and heavy-duty cleaners.


Another area where germs thrive is in the restroom. A lot of germs can spread easily in office restrooms, given that it’s frequently used by workers on a daily basis. Although handwashing is a great way to limit the spread of germs, the best strategy is to engage the services of professional cleaners.

Commercial cleaning services use high-grade cleaning supplies that focus on removing germs and bacteria. Professional cleaners are also well-trained and equipped to handle wiping down high-contact surface areas in the restroom and other office spaces.

How to Keep Your Employees Healthy

Keeping your employees healthy means encouraging them to keep their desks and workspaces tidy. This will help limit the spread of germs and keep your employees from getting sick.
keep office germ free
Encourage your workers to wipe down high-contact areas such as computer monitors, mice, desktops, and keyboards. Using disinfectants is an easy way to ensure germs aren’t able to live on surfaces.

Other areas where germs can gather include vending machine buttons, microwaves, and refrigerators in the break room. Even if you can’t wipe every surface you come in contact with, practicing good hygiene including hand washing and using hand sanitizer can go a long way to preventing germs from spreading.

Bottom Line

Germs can spread faster than we think! Some offices can be more susceptible to the spread of germs than others which is why it’s best to be vigilant and proactive when cleaning your office.

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